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Wordsmith for Marketing

Sophisticated Client Reports
Without All the Work

Save time and money with white-labeled client reports.
Explain your agency’s ROI in plain English.

Prove your ROI in plain English

We prove your ROI in detailed, text-based analysis, just like you do today. We don't only show charts, we write a clear explanation of each client's website and AdWords performance. And we put it all in a PDF, ready for the client.

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Save $12,000+ per month on reporting

Wordsmith for Marketing saves your agency's marketing team from wasting 4+ hours to create a monthly client report. Across 20 clients and a $150 hourly rate, that saves an agency $12,000 per month.

How much would your company save?

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Your report, your way

You can customize every word in the report before it goes to the client. And, you can customize the report to talk about what the client cares about. If they don’t care about a channel, like Social Media, you can make it shorter or turn it off completely.

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Agencies Love Wordsmith for Marketing

“The quality of the reports generated by Automated Insights is absolutely stunning. Their readability, design and structure makes it easy and incredibly valuable to share these reports with our clients.”


“Once I realized that not only did their system write the report, it also made gorgeous charts and tables — I was hooked. I get a beautiful report, on demand, full of excellent, insightful analysis. It's a huge timesaver for a growing digital agency like WebSavvy”


“What Wordsmith for Marketing has managed to do for our business is to communicate complex results and information to our clients by putting our reports into easy-to-understand, everyday language. Our clients love it, and we are able to retain and build client accounts because of it.”


“We'd like to provide Google Analytics reports that filter out noise, extract meaning, add data visualization, and summarize the findings. That hasn't been possible in anything close to a timely manner or profitably. Until now. Wordsmith's hands-off analytics reporting could very possibly save more employee time than Facebook has taken away.”


You’re the hero, not us

Wordsmith for Marketing lets you completely white-label the reports with your name and logo.

Plus, the software will do the legwork of analyzing the data and creating a report on what happened last month or last quarter. That frees up your experts to add a paragraph at the end to tell the client what the strategy will be going forward.

Hero not us

Beautiful, informative tables and charts, built for you

Wordsmith for Marketing builds beautiful tables and charts that tie in with the written explanation of each marketing channel. No more downloading CSVs or building integrations with the Google Analytics API required.

Your clients will understand them easily, because these tables and charts use the best practices in information visualization.

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Easy Reports That Cover Everything

Dead simple to set up

The set-up is simple: Sign in with your Google account, pick the sites and AdWords accounts you want reports for, and let us know who to notify when they’re ready.

Improve quality and consistency

Wordsmith analyzes millions of data-points, picking out thousands of insights a human might miss (especially one on a deadline). Plus, the reports always have a consistent structure and tone.

Recommendations for SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing

Wordsmith for Marketing analyzes each channel and identifies insights that you and the client can use to improve, like content that’s doing well or pages the should be optimized better.

Handle more clients and serve them better

With the time savings from Wordsmith for Marketing, your marketing team can handle many more clients. Even better, they can focus their time on client strategy and execution, not report building.

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