50 Follow-Worthy Marketing Measurement and Digital Analytics Experts


We recently scoured the Twitterverse to identify the top marketing measurement and digital analytics accounts of individual influencers.

How We Cultivated This List

We (me and my marketing cohort, Michael Parker) started with a search for “marketing measurement” and “digital analytics” to capture people who identify as experts in both subjects and then chose accounts with a strong focus on measuring marketing.

To get to our 50, we sorted by influence, looked at the last 100 links shared from the accounts, and analyzed the percentage related to digital marketing measurement and analytics. We weeded out accounts that mainly talk about and promote their own content and gave preference to accounts that are sharing others’ relevant content.

The result: a list of 50 excellent marketing measurement and data analytics experts to follow on Twitter, plus 10 follow-worthy analytics focused organizations.

We’ve named all the accounts at the end of this post. But first, you can read all 60 accounts in one fell swoop with this glorious Twitter list:

Did we leave some amazing digital analytics accounts off this list? Probably. Find and follow us @MktgRobot to let us know your favorite producers of marketing measurement and digital analytics tweets.

The Full List: Individuals

Jim Sterne
Justin Cutroni
Eric Peterson
Adam Singer
Katie Delahaye Paine
Anil Batra
Pritesh Patel
Julien Coquet
Kevin Hillstrom
Douglas Karr
Susan Etlinger
Chuck Hemann
Rudi Shumpert
Shonali Burke
Jacques Warren
Garry Przyklenk
Geno Prussakov
Don Bartholomew
jascha kaykas-wolff
Kami Huyse
David B. Thomas
Sean Williams
G. Endress-Balhiser
Dag Holmboe
Ben Smithee
Michelle Killebrew
Tim Wilson
Josh Moore
Akin Arikan
Jonathan Mendez
Nick Iyengar
Pierre DeBois
Robbin Steif
Joel Rubinson
Rich Page
Bob Page
Bill Bruno
Jodi McDermott
jen evans
Marcel LeBrun
Bernard Marr
Larry Freed
April Wilson
Brooks Bell
Ben Gaines
Will Scully-Power
June Li
Adam Ware
Joe Fernandez
Nicolas Malo

The Full List: Companies

Simply Measured
Mongoose Metrics
Loves Data
Cision NA
AT Internet
The Web Analytics
Online Behavior
Marketing Technology
Web Analytics World
Google Analytics

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