Wordsmith for Marketing Saves You Hundreds of Hours a Month

Wordsmith for Marketing is a reporting tool for digital marketing agencies. Our software automates the process of turning raw Google Analytics and AdWords data into a robust client report, full of written analysis that looks just like a human wrote it.

5-Minute Setup

Google Analytics & AdWords

Sign in with your Google Account so we can analyze your clients' web site and AdWords data.

Add your branding

Put your agency front and center with your logo and colors on the reports.

Pull data
Mine for Insights

We mine the data for trends and recommendations

Wordsmith for Marketing analyzes thousands of rows of data, finding outliers, patterns, and correlations that you could easily miss when working under a tight deadline.

Create report
Let You Edit

We let you edit every word in the reports, if you want

Wordsmith for Marketing gives you complete control over how performance is presented. You can edit text, add additional context or data, and tell the client how you'll change strategy next month.

Email client
Thats it youre ready
We pull data

We pull data from
Google Analytics & AdWords

Our cloud platform retrieves data on every channel, page, conversion, and geography in just a few seconds, provided from the same Google Analytics and AdWords API that most agencies use for reporting.

Find insights
Write Analysis

We turn those insights into written reports that the client can understand.

We write your client a report that looks at overall trends of engagement and conversions, plus the specific things that happened in each marketing channel (SEO, social, PPC, etc.). It even provides real recommendations for how to improve.

Edit report
Send to Clients

We handle sending a nice PDF to the client for you

We deliver the report to the client (with an email from you), and let them download a polished, professional PDF.

Total Time Saved:
4-6 hours per report